Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu!

This blog provides extensive and strictly authentic information on islam for those seeking and expanding their knowledge (ilm) of Islam.

Our intention is to worship Allaah alone by returning back to the original Islaam, learn it, act upon it and call to it whilst being patient, in accordance to what Allaah said in Soorah al-Asr. “By the time. Verily! Man is in loss, Except those who believe (in Islâmic Monotheism) and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth and recommend one another to patience”. (Soorah Al-‘Asr 103)

Alhamdhu’lillaah, first and foremost I am a Muslim, but due to division and disunity within the Muslim Ummah we distinct myself by identifying and ascribing ourselves to the Sunni. Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah (the people of the Sunnah and the Jama’ah).

And due to further division and disunity, I distinct myself by identifying and ascribing ourselves to the Aqeedah (Creed/Belief), Manhaj (Methodology) and Madhhab of our Salaf as-Saalih (our pious predecessors.…from the Prophets Companions, their followers from the next generation [Tabi’een] and their followers from the following generation that came [Atba Tabi’een] and all those Scholars in every generation that came after who followed them strictly up until today.

I am striving to the best of my ability to learn, act and convey the true, pure, correct and original Islaam that Allaah revealed to the last and final Messenger, Muhammad bin Abdullaah sal lallaahu alaihi wa sallam based upon the Qur’an and the authentic Ahadeeth as understood by his Companions in belief, knowledge, statements and actions.

“It is only those who have knowledge amongst His slaves that fear Allah.” [Soorah Al-Fatir (35): 28]

At the same time being cautious of not going to the extremes, whether it be in worship (ibaadah, i.e. salah, saum etc), or neglecting in learning and acting according to this religion (lazy not bothered), or innovating in the religion that which is not from it, or declaring Muslims to be non-Muslims (Takfeer) and permitting killing of civilians by way of suicide or going to the extreme of harshness and severity or being too soft and lenient in dealing with others. Taking the moderate course in all aspects of our life as dictated by this religion of ours

I pray that this blog is of benefit to everyone. Muslims and non-Muslims and is a source of guidance, clarification and enlightenment for all and becomes part of the contribution that is made to disseminate authentic Islamic knowledge and instilling love in everyone to be active in seeking knowledge and adhering to it, at all times.

Please help and assist me by way of Du’a….

Jazaakumullahu Khair


4 responses

24 07 2009
Brother Yunos

Asalamualaykum Warahmatullah,

Jazakumallahu khayran, may allah swt reward All of you behind this website inshallah and wallahi i find this place very benefiting walhamdulilah!!!

4 06 2010
Mahtab Hossain,FCA

Thank you very much for your cntributions through this Blog. Alhamdu Lillah, you are giving a noble service to Islam, Muslims & Non-Muslims.

Insha’Allah, I will visit your Blog in the future too.

27 04 2011
Mohamed Aneez

Masha Allah, very nice blog. Keep up the nice work.

1 11 2011
Abu Zayd

MashaAllah nice blog, and Ive noticed that you have posted Sidi Yusuf al-Hanbali lectures on sahabas. I have some of the new ones and they are mashaAllah really inspiring, he has recently done life of Said’na Ali RA it was 106 parts, and alos done life of Said’na Bilal RA and has just started life of Said’na Hudaifa RA 3rd night.

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