The Sunnah of Being Born – Etiquettes for Pregnancy, Childbirth and The Newborn

5 05 2010

A talk delivered by Shaykh Yaser Birjas, the Director of English Youth Education at the Prayer Center of Orland Park, IL.

 “….For every single hardship, for every single pain she suffers during that time (pregnancy) she’ll get the reward for that…”

“….for the mother when she feels the pain and says Alhumdulillaah, and she always reminds herself , she will get the double reward. Extra reward for that, so she does that as much as possible inshaAllaah.”

 “…if that child (in the womb) hears the Qur’an, regularly and specifically from the mother’s voice – that is the best thing.Because when the child comes out and he hears the Qur’an from the mother’s voice then in this case this will be inshaAllaah good for that child and he will recognise that voice and continue with it…”

“….If Allaah blessed you with a child then you have the ability to help yourself, before your child, to make that child right grow up righteous, so that when you die, you get the reward for every single good deed that they do!….”




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5 08 2010
Ibnul Akwa

mashallah, add a brother to your blogroll inshallah

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